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Penny Stocks in the News – Lig Assets Inc, MYRIAD INTERACTIVE, Dig-It Underground Inc, SUTIMCo International Inc

on 22/03/2013

Massapequa Park – March 22, 2013 — (Net PR News) -King Penny Stocks is an elite financial community for investors and traders alike who are looking to potentially gain financial freedom through the markets on undervalued companies and “in-play” momentum penny stocks. Today, we bring a special trend analysis of the following stocks: Lig Assets, Inc. (PINK:LIGA), MYRIAD INTERACTIVE (OTC:MYRY), Dig-It Underground, Inc. (PINK:DIGX), SUTIMCo International Inc (PINK:SUTI)

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Lig Assets, Inc. (PINK:LIGA) stock moved up+5.26% and finished the day at $0.0100. The day started out with a higher opening price of $0.01, versus its prior close of $0.0095.

The company traded with the total volume of 3.66 million shares, while its average trading volume remained 702,709.00 shares.

Have a look at the company’s graph: During the last 5 trades the stock jumped almost +12.36%. Its year to date performance remained adverse -60%. LIGA Assets, Inc., a development stage company, engages in funding and financing for early-stage growth businesses and real estate projects in the United States.

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MYRIAD INTERACTIVE (OTC:MYRY), during the previous trading session, the stock showed a positive movement of +45.04%.

Graph values of the stock demonstrate these trends: Year to date performance of the stock remained negative with the decline of -5%. MYRY traded with volume of 3.62 million shares, while its average trading volume remained 553,397.00 shares.

Currently, the company has a market capitalization of $740,700.00. Stock’s closing price was $0.0190 while it started its day-trade at $0.01. Its 52-week price range was $0.0081 – $0.17. Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. operates as an interactive marketing and development company in Canada.

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Dig-It Underground, Inc.(PINK:DIGX) stock’s trade opened at $0.0005 and, as day trade closed,  its price was $0.0006 after scoring +20.00% .The market capitalization of DIGX was 172,800.00. Total traded volume of the stock was 3.55 million shares, while the company’s average volume remained 2.46 million shares.

DIGX’s day range was $0.0005 – $0.0006, while its 52 week range was $0.0004 – $0.043. During its last 5 trades, the stock jumped almost +20%. During the last 3 months it slipped with the percentage of -14.29%. Dig-it Underground, Inc., a consumer products company, engages in the provision of open edition prints, limited edition prints, and apparel.

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SUTIMCo International Inc (PINK:SUTI) started its trading session with the price of $0.0005 and closed at $0.0005 by scoring -16.67%.

SUTI was a loser in the 5 days activity and slipped about -28.57%. The one month performance of the stock was negative and it plunged -50%.

SUTI’s stocks traded with total volume of 3.51 million shares, while the average trading volume remained 9.94 million shares. The beta of SUTI stands at 45.31. The day range of the stock was $0.0004 -$0.0006. SUTIMCo International, Inc., a multi-project business development enterprise, engages in creating new technology companies from patented university innovations.

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