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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sims Recycling Solutions Partnering in US–ORCL, VRSN, CA

on 06/02/2013

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Today’s focus is on: MSFT, ORCL, VRSN, CA

Sims Recycling Solutions has recently became the partner of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) in MSFT’s Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program. Sims now has the luxury of offering fully operational versions of refurbished desktop and laptop computers, along with genuine Windows. 

The former company in the previous paragraph, has tons of exposure in the international industry of recycling, therefore it can form a formidable union with the software giant in the coming years. The agreement will enable Sims to sell more advanced computing machinery to the US market. MSFT will also supply the company with pre-installed Windows 7.

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Both of the featured companies managed to run a fruitful partnership in the European market since 2011 and therefore, grew into the largest MAR on the continent, according to Steve Skurnac, President, Sims Recycling Solutions. He added that they are looking to come to the US, which is the next logical step in the chain of organizational evolution.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) stock reported the gain of +0.20% and closed at $27.50 with the total traded volume of 35.41 million shares. Its price to earning ratio ended at 15.08 and its earning per share was $1.82. Its market capitalization is $230.30 billion. The stock owned by Financial Institutions was 67.65%, while by insiders was 5.34%.

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Oracle Corporation(NASDAQ:ORCL) percentage change jumped +1.00% to close at $35.48 with the total traded volume of 16.66 million shares, less than average volume of 20.35 million. Its 52 weeks price change was 23.49%. Its market capitalization is $167.97 billion.

Its earnings per share was $2.12 with the net profit margin of 28.37% and its operating margin was 38.31%. It gained 24.88% return on equity.

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 Verisign, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN) increased +1.08%, to close at $45.09 with the overall traded volume of 3.67 million shares. Its total outstanding shares are 153.39 billion with the market capitalization of $6.92 billion.

Verisign, Inc’s 5 years revenue rate remained 0.54%. Its current ratio is 2.42. Its beta value stands at 0.87 times and return on investment was 24.01%.

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CA, Inc. (NASDAQ:CA) reported the increase of +1.38% to close at $25.05 with the overall traded volume of 3.22 million shares. Its market capitalization was $11.42 billion. Its debt to equity ratio was 0.24. Its beta value stands at 1.04 times and return on equity was 16.41%.

CA, Inc has the total of 455.92 billion outstanding shares, as compared to 329.31 million shares that were floated in the market.

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