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Hottest Stocks On The Penny Stock Market: GBEN, GCEI, VNTH, MJNA

on 06/12/2012

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Today’s focus is on: PINK: GBEN, PINK: GCEI, OTC: VNTH, PINK: MJNA

The most active stocks which grabbed investor’s attention either by showing strong volumes or by big gains are discussed here:

Global Resource Energy Inc. (PINK:GBEN), an exporter of structural insulated panels, or SIP, started the trading session at $0.05, remained in the range of $0.05 – $0.05, and closed the trading session at $0.0530 and showed no change.

Here is a look on GBEN’s previous trends of different periods: the stock was a loser in its 05 days and one month’s performances and plunged -11.67% and -41.11%, respectively. Similarly, in the 3 months performance, the stock remained a percentage loser of 58.91%.

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On December 5, 2012, the trading volume of Global Clean Energy Inc. (PINK:GCEI) was 258,032.00 shares, while its average volume remained 452,615.00 shares.

GCEI has appointed Mr.Brian Levine to the position of COO, which became effective at the start of December.

GCEI and Algae Farm Incorporation (ALGF) have formed an agreement. The strategic alliance is made in order to carry feed stocks to maintainable and gainful applications founded on the work performed by Algae Farm USA.

When we track GCEI’s year to date performance, it showed a strong bullish move of +540%.

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Another active stock of Wednesday’s trading session was Vantage Health(OTC:VNTH). The stock was a big bull and surged +89.47% to close the session at $0.0180.

VNTH showed outclassed performance in its three month and six month periods and escalated +50% and 100%, respectively.

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 MEDICAL MARIJUANA INC (PINK:MJNA) attracted investors by showing strong volume of 8.09 million shares and showed a positive move of +4.60%.

The average volume of the stock remained 12.43 million shares. When we tracked year to date performance, it showed a strong positive movement of +533.94%.

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