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Auto Stock’s Buzz: General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and The Ford Motor Company

on 21/03/2013

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Today’s focus is on: GM, F

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’s bankruptcy is always on the table for the past two years, when the court allowed the company to issue stock to the old creditors that were having a disagreement with the company. The company was anticipated to face a liability of $1 billion in this regard alone.

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The recent report to Bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber declared that the attempts at arbitrating the featured issues have failed and, therefore, the respectable judge had to base his decision on the accounts of the witnesses that he heard last fall.

The deal between the older version of the company and four problematic hedge funds that include Elliot, Appaloosa, Aurelius and Fortress, pushed the automaker towards making a $367 million fraudulent conveyance. There is a slight chance that the entire asset sales of the featured company for the year of 2009 was a scam.

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The entire back-working of the agreement between GM and the hedge funds are found fishy at this time. But, there are dedicated people who are going to blow the whistle. The new GM is holding onto the point that all lenders of the old company knew the risks and initially were willing to keep up with the deal, yet they suddenly turned around.

The Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is planning to design the new T model as an electric one. The details of the project are scarce. But, if it is true, then the world of automakers are going to see electric cars very soon.

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